2020 Launch

There is nothing quite like a Hastings Racing Club winners picture!

We are delighted to announce that we are now open for pre-registration for the Hastings Racing Club 2020. Returning and new members alike are welcome to join what promises to be one of the most exciting seasons yet!

For 2020 we are combining what were formerly Club I and Club II to create one entity – with an annual no-risk fee of $300, making this one of the most affordable entertainment options in the Lower Mainland. As in previous seasons, after paying for the costs for keeping and training the horses any net proceeds are returned to the Club Members so everyone involved gets all the thrill of thoroughbred horse ownership without and of the financial risk.

The admiration shown to our horses by Club Members is only matched by the fantastic people who keep them safe and happy year round.

The Hastings Racing Club offers a fantastic opportunity for racetrack regulars and newcomers alike to learn about the exciting world of racing and meet the horses and all of their dedicated trainers and grooms who care for them every day. We will be going into the season with a barn of five horses who we will be profiling over the next few weeks (although a former Horse of the Year like Square Dancer barely needs an introduction!).

Agreements will be ready in the next couple of weeks, however anyone looking to get their name on the wait list can follow this link and express their interest now to ensure that we give you the right of first refusal!