Hastings Racing Club – 2021-22

Retired Racing Club favorite, Square Dancer is just one of the Racing Club’s many success stories.

With a tough couple of years behind us, the Hastings Racing Club is thrilled for a return to normal at Vancouver’s oldest sporting facility – Hastings Racecourse!

The Hastings Racing Club is getting ready for a big year and continues to deliver a whole summer of excitement for Club Members, whilst getting first hand experience of being a thoroughbred racehorse owner and having look behind the scenes of the BC horse racing industry.

As with previous years, the Hastings Racing Club costs $300 for the entire year (November 2021 through October 2022) and will provide excitement for the whole of the May to October racing season. All of the membership fees are used for the care and training of our horses and best yet, any winnings/leftover funds are returned to the Club Members at the end of the year. By joining the Hastings Racing club you’ll be joining 100+ other members, having a stake in your horse’s racing career, which keeps the cost per member low, whilst delivering all of the thrills that racehorse ownership can deliver.

As part of being in the Hastings Racing Club and becoming an officially licensed racehorse owner you will be granted full access to the backstretch at Hastings Racecourse to watch your horse train, chat with your horse’s trainer and most importantly swing by the barn and give you horse some TLC (and mints!).

As part of your Club Membership you’ll get frequent updates on how your horse is doing and get an understanding of the privileges and responsibility that comes with to be a horse owner. At the Hastings Racing Club we’re proud of the care that our horses receive both during their racing days and they move into their second careers and are strong advocates for the work of New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society.

If you have any questions about the Hastings Racing Club please just drop Club Managers, Matt and Mark an email at hastingsracingclub@gmail.com or follow this link to submit your interest in this season’s club!

Twitter: @hstracingclub

Facebook: Hastings Racing Club

Instagram: hastingsracingclub

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