Hastings Racing Club 2023

The Hastings Racing Club is now open for registrations for our 2023 season – register your spot here!

Prince Cairo heads back to meet the Club Members after his 2022 Closing Day win win.

Following an exciting 2022 racing season at Hastings Racecourse, the Hastings Racing Club is now open for 2023 registrations. Known as the best value in Vancouver sports, the Hastings Racing Club allows members to become a part of thoroughbred racehorse ownership, at the fraction of the normal cost. For a one off fee of $300 you and 200 others take part in the horse ownership experience, watching your two horses train, progress and race throughout the April-October racing season.

All membership fees are used for the training and upkeep of the horses and the running of the Club, leaving any left over funds (including any prize money won by your horses!) being returned to the members at the end of the racing season. As a risk free, affordable way to experience owning your own thoroughbreds there is no better time to enjoy an experience which would previously be out of reach for many.

For the 2023 season, the Hastings Racing Club will be welcoming back two beloved faces – Prince Cairo and Racino who both had wins for the Club in 2022. As part of your membership you will sign up to become an officially licensed owner, which allows you access to the backstretch to watch morning training, meet your horse and with any luck, get to give your favourite new equine some treats after they find their way to the Winners’ Circle! Other benefits of being in the Club include free parking at the track, a raceday program when one of our horses are running and frequent updates about your horses are doing.

If you have any questions, please just drop us an email at hastingsracingclub@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to give you all the information about the Club and horse racing in Vancouver or you can register your spot here. See you in the Winners’ Circle!


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